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Central Baptist Church                                                                                              Telephone:  843.393.8581

512 Spring Street                                                                                                     Email:  cbcdarlingtonsc@gmail.com

Darlington, SC  29532                                                                                                

Central Baptist Preschool & Kindergarten

We welcome you and your child to Central Baptist Preschool and Kindergarten.  We look forward to serving you and your family.  We believe a child's experience in a preschool program will have a great effect on his/her educational growth in the years to come.  We want your child to have the best care and experience possible.

Everyday activities for preschool and kindergarten include circle time, singing, Bible stories and verses, prayer time, games, creative movement, art, outside play (weather permitting), snacks, and center time.  Our students attend Chapel in the sanctuary on Wednesday mornings.  There, the students will learn to recite the pledges for the American and Christian flag, learn the pledge to the Bible, learn the Lord's Prayer, and will learn more about Bible stories and worship through story time from Pastor Tim and our staff.

2K and 3K will learn social skills such as respecting others, obeying school rules, following directions, and playing well with others.  They will also learn language art skills (recognizing their name and lower and upper case letters); math skills (counting to ten, identifying shapes and colors); and use manipulatives, puzzles, and positional words.

4K will continue to learn social skills and also personal data (names, addresses).  They will learn to print the alphabet, learn phonics, and match beginning sounds of words.  In math, they will learn to count objects and work simple addition problems.  Most 4K students will be reading simple books by the end of the year.  They will also learn some sign language and Spanish words.

5K  will work on writing simple sentences.  Kindergarten students will also learn to count to 100, identify names and values of coins; learn place value and addition and subtraction.  Science and social studies will be taught. Kindergarten students will meet all standards to begin first grade when they leave 5K.

For more information about our preschool and kindergarten, email us at CBPK123@yahoo.com or call the church office at 843-393-8581.

2018-2019 Preschool and Kindergarten Calendar